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Unemployment situation in australia in the year 2012.

Unemployment situation in Australia in the year 2012.
Unemployment situation in Australia in the year 2012.
The graph chart presented captured data describing the unemployment situation which is occurring in the both areas urban and rural during the year 2012.

speaking, it
is observed
that most Australian have lost their job in Urban areas while comparing the same to
situated in the rural areas.

A deep dive reveals, that the percentage of unemployment in the urban areas have increased by 2% in the first two quarters. By the second half of the year, Australian have found jobs under their scope
on the contrary
extend where it has increased by 1% compared to the first half of the year.

Regarding Australian situated in the Rural areas, the rate of unemployment has decreased by almost 1% during the first year and
stabilizes by the
the year.

On a final note, the significant among of unemployment rates is better in the rural areas compare to urban areas.
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