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Hydro electronic power generation(process)

Hydro electronic power generation(process)
Hydro electronic power generation(process)
The diagram provides an outline of the stages in generating electricity from water. The process
with water in the ocean and ends with power
being provided
to buildings, such as hospitals and schools.

, the heat of the sun evaporates water in the ocean, and then the water rises and forms into clouds. When it rains, these clouds drop a number
of of
their water into a reservoir, which is a large area used to store water. The water is
in the reservoir with a dam that can
be opened
with a valve to release water down a hill. When the valve
is opened
the water flows down the hill and spins a turbine, sending electricity through high-voltage cables to a transformer station. From the transformer station, the electricity is
to various places where it
is needed
, such as homes and factories.

, it is essential to state that a number of surplus power generated by the turbine is used to pump the water back up into the reservoir
that it can be used to
electricity demands in the future.
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