the flow chart illustrates the consequences of deforestation

the flow chart illustrates the consequences of deforestation

the flow chart illustrates the consequences of deforestation
The flow chart indicates the outcomes of the
-cutting of the forests.
, in terms of immediate consequences, there were the highlighted occurrences, which contributed to the final harmful results: Flooding and less biodiversity.

Concerning the
final consequence, which was flooding, there seem to be four profound and sequential phases, there refer to the damages of soil which serves to preserve well-water conditions. As illustrated, the other three immediate results
were associated
with a deterioration of biodiversity. The
coherent chain
was concerned
with the erosion issues, which
were connected
to the roots of the plants.

The second and more widespread process was deforestation in terms of the hazards based on immature or conscious activities.
, in the second phase, there appeared a lack of forest
. It caused another two damaging phases, which refer to the microorganisms, and the species that
were fed
by the vegetation. In the last stages of the less biodiversity
was mentioned
the arid climate induced by the minimal humidity and lack of deposition. All the considered, it can
be said
that from the logging of forest would
be revealed
of natural processes.

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